Tumbling Sienna

Undertones by Linda Balboni

The Apple Orchard by Grace Galton

Autumn Chills by Susan Eckenrode

Undergrowth of Uncertainty by Lorraine M. Kanter

Fortunes of Life by Lawrence Carr

Autumn’s Majesty by John L. Yelavich

Hoblin’ Goblin’ by Alan McAlpine Douglas

A Dance of Fall ... by Elizabeth DiBenedetto

Changes by Lawrence Carr

Tints of Time by Eira Needham

A Fallen Leaf by Grace Galton

Autumn Twilight by Sylvia Maclagan

Farewell Party by David Ting

Waltzing Freefall by Linda Balboni

Politically Correct Football by Ron Jones

Waltzing Leaves by Lorraine M. Kanter

Tears by Lawrence Carr

Leaving (My Life as a Leaf) by Linda Balboni

Autumn Haiku by Grace Galton

Fall of Dignity by Daniel J. Ricketts

Bewitched by Sylvia Maclagan

The Wealthiest Time by David Ting

Halloween Haiku by Grace Galton

The Red Zone by Lawrence Carr

Waste, or Waist? by Alan McAlpine Douglas

Fall be clouds by Daniel J. Ricketts

Pumpkin’s Plight by Susan Eckenrode

Collections of poetry and short stories offered by members of our forum board, where writing, critique and interaction take place. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our chapbook: Through the Seasons - Tumbling Sienna, Volume 1. Look for continued editions in the future!

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