Pandora Winners 2004, January through June

Nurtured Gifts by Lorraine M Kanter

Afloat by Emerson Sollars

Her Finishing Touch by Amy Elizabeth Jackson

Win Some, Lose Some by Lawrence Carr

Silence Calls by Emerson Sollars

Weathered by Laura Knight

Streaks of Blue by Linda Balboni

Lavender Dreams by Elaine R. Crump

Eve by Lucie Kavanagh

Winter Moon/Silent Harp by Elaine R. Crump

Sting-A-Ling-Ling by Alan McAlpine Douglas

The Reckoning by Lorraine M. Kanter

Looking Back as We Venture Forward by John L. Yelavich

People by Lawrence Carr

Pickled by David Ting

Lunar Myth or Truth by Lawrence Carr

4th of July at an Iraqi Laundromat by Daniel J Ricketts

Twice monthly, Mosaic Musings, LLC opens Pandora’s Box, unleashing chaos within the tiles of our Mosaic. It is our members who conquer chaos and rise above, leading their muses to victory. In turn, their names are added to our Great Wall of Fame and with permission, their winning pieces are displayed for you here in this compilation. We hope you enjoy these pieces as much as we had fun challenging our writers of Mosaic Musings, LLC.

As we say on our website, “Let your imagination soar! May we initiate your intellection by expression today?” To read more diversified pieces written by our talented members, or to become a part of our growing website, please visit us again at: