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In October 2004, we started a new annual tradition for our members: The MMHC (Mosaic Musings Holiday Classic) sponsored by the Sollars family of Nebraska. In October and November, our members can post a holiday themed piece for consideration as a finalist. There is a cash prize of $50.00 for the winner and a chapbook compilation will be available for sale in our store including all entries submitted.

In November 2004, we opened our newest offering of Self Publishing here at the Mosaic. We've put together a pricing sheet that is very competitive with other sites that offer this service. We offer EIGHT packages with two tiers of pricing based upon a 16-28 page chapbook and a 32-44 page chapbook in grouping of 25, 50, 75 and 100 book commision pricing. With our service, you have a choice of color covers and one color image within this pricing structure free of charge. Each order comes with complimentary copies (based on order size), free shipping, optional ISBN and a 25% royalty for books sold on MM. Our pricing is based upon the number of content pages within, 28 or less and 32 or more (up to a maximum of 44 pages). Our fees vary from 25 book deals for $175 or $195 up to 100 book deals for $375 or $395.

In January 2005, we made a change to our poetry critique forums. Instead of offering mild and complex critique forums, we now offer a moderate critique forum (Herme's Homilies) for R & M and FIXED FORM Poetry and a moderate critique forum (Seren's Synapse) for FREE FORM Poetry.

In May, 2005 we inititated bi-weekly 'Flash-Jam' sessions for our members and weekly 'Times Ten' 10-word challenges. "Flash" writing is immediate, unplanned and from the heart. Given a stimulus - a title, picture, poem or description - our members are invited to write for a short time (twenty minutes to half an hour is ideal) on whatever comes to mind. The responses might be in prose or poetry or some combination of the two. It may not even "make sense" but it will spark ideas, help our members find their 'voice' and suggest (to them, at least) new approaches to their work. On a different subject in May, we have been designing a new communication, a digital Ebook using a software called Desktop Author. Visit our forum for more details here. We'd love to hear your feedback!

In July & August, 2005 we completed the design of our first digital web book: Syntax & Musings, Summer 2005 which is available online here and also in chapbook form (2 books) in our store.

In September, 2005 we made the decision to change Section 8: Copyright Information of our Terms of Use Policy back to the original wording as follows;
Content displayed on the Site is protected under U.S. Copyright laws and cannot be copied, altered, uploaded, transmitted, published, distributed, reproduced or sold, in whole or in part for any purpose other than for non-commercial and personal use. Further restrictions on the Content may depend on the Forum Participation Rules associated with the Forum in which the Content is posted. All works posted on the Site are submitted on a voluntary basis. This allows Mosaic Musings to display and archive such works within Site, and if applicable, allows members to comment on such works. All exclusive rights are reserved by the respective copyright owners and no redistribution including publication or reproduction in any form is permitted without express permission of the copyright owner.

In April, 2006 we converted our forum board software from Ikonboard to Invision Power Board which allows us to provide the best forum options (including ease of use, new features, and functionality) to our members. Our new URL is: We look forward to sharing all the great benefits of IPB with you!

In January, 2007 Mosaic Musings became a proud participant of the IBPC (InterBoard Poetry Competion), hosted monthly by Web del Sol. The IBPC aims to bring continual growth, in both quality and popularity, of poetry on the Internet. We believe MM to be a great asset of that union and benefit on several levels. We also feel that the talent and quality of works posted at MM is worthy of a larger audience.

The InterBoard Poetry Competition was conceived in 1999 by Michael Neff, Director of Web Del Sol. Neff worked with the Atlantic, Utne, and other on-line poetry boards to create a meaningful mission for the IBPC. The goals were several. First, to seek to improve the quality of poetry and discourse on participating boards and on the Internet in general; second, to discover and publish new poets; and third, to help these new poets become recognized by leading literary periodicals.

Currently, the IBPC includes twenty-four participating boards, with more pending approval. Recently, IBPC staff have successfully engaged print journals with the competition. We plan to continue bridging the media gap between internet and print poetry. A print anthology of best work is planned. Our new site reflects the growth of the IBPC. It now includes “IBPC Selects” featuring the editor’s choice of favorite poems, direct links to Poets & Writers, Powells and other favorite sites, direct home page access to our participating boards, the most recent winning poems, and “IBPC: Newswire” - news and announcements of the many talented poets who workshop on the net.

News of the Interesting Kind

Mosaic Musings, LLC will celebrate it's tenth anniversary on August 1st, 2013. I'd like to personally thank all our members and guests for making this possible. Without you, we would not exist. For more information, please visit our forum board, Forum Index.

Visit the National Poetry Almanac at The Academy of American Poets website for monthly themes and daily articles about poetry, both its fascinating history and its dynamic present. Why not have a look today?

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If you should find a post that infringes our polices, please notify us in the Contact Us section of this site. We try to read all new posts as quickly as possible, but in the event that you find one first, we would appreciate your feedback as soon as possible. Thank you!

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Word of mouth is our best advertisement. If you find Mosaic Musings to your liking, please refer your friends to our site. If you should find Mosaic Musings not to your liking, we would like to hear from you. Either way, thanks for your consideration!