Morning Light

Where I am

I Asked For Healing

Sad, Sweet Memories

Beacon of Light


The Blue Frost

Getting In Touch With Winter


Birds I Carry With Me


The Swan

Spring Meditation

Experiencing The Moment

The Blue Sky



Sweet Storm

Sounds Of Summer

Flower Garden




In Autumn

My Last Day


I Was Given The Gift

Healing In Place



Writing Through Pain

Morning Haze

My Mother's Love

Strange Breed (Ode To Being Bipolar)

Morning Light

Morning Light
Collection of Poetry by © Jeanne Fiedler


I was raised in the New York City suburbs, where I basically lived on the outskirts of the city in small suburban towns. The house that I grew up in was on a cul-de-sac, and beyond my backyard were vast woods. It was a nice world.

In the sixth grade, I had a teacher who was really into the arts. We had a creative writing group every Friday morning. It was so much fun reading all the poets, I absolutely loved it.

Poetry helps me see through shallowness; and when connected to the earth, I glimpse the eternal in everything. When you experience tragedies as I have, seeing the world behind a soft opaque light helps me appreciate the wonderment of life.

I have written poems of all kinds, touching tangible and intangible topics such as grieving, spirituality, the environment, animals, the economy, anti-war poems, existential philosophies, children’s poems, healing poems and more.

I have been published in Ararat Magazine, Open Minds Quarterly, Transcendent Visions, S.P. Quill Magazine, Soul Fountain, FreeXpression, Capper’s, Can-Opener, Midwest Literary Magazine, Whispers, Expressions, Living Poets II, IV, I Love Cats Magazine, Above Ground Testing, Plath Profiles IV, Bipolar Magazine, Common Bread and more. I have been published in over 150 websites, receiving awards and five stars for many of them.

I love nature photography, jewelry designing, fabric designing, the blues harmonica, and glass etching.

The poems in this book were poems I wrote in a class called Seasons & Cycles, taught by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, the poet laureate of Kansas and a certified poetry therapist. I took the course in August and September, 2011. This was after experiencing two extremely painful tragedies. The first one was when my husband passed away, intensely followed by my mother getting dementia. This was a double dose of profound struggles and shattered dreams. The awe of the feelings and thoughts, and the beauty, when going through the seasons and the cycles within them, helped me heal. It truly deepened my faith.

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