May Menagerie 2004

A Tribute to Every Poet I've Paraphrased by Ron Jones

Contest Sonnet by Don E. Holmes

Big Brother by Laura Knight

Bitterly Sweet by Linda Balboni

Mourning by Daniah Lababidi

Chemi-Kaze by Alan McAlpine Douglas

Mystical Visit by Daniah Lababidi

Grief’s Monster by Eira Needham

Hold the Flag All Day Long by Jan Leonard

Snow Days by Carolenn Joy Underwood

The Rapture of Love by Judy Stasek

* Looking Back as We Venture Forward by John L. Yelavich

Anatomy of a Party by Lawrence Carr

Mail Order Revenge by Alan McAlpine Douglas

May the Best Man Win by John Macleod

Class Pictures by Don E. Holmes

Held by Daniah Lababidi

The Door by Elaine R. Crump

* The Trysting Place by Grace Galton

* Stairway to Elysium by David Ting

* Watch Your Step by Laura Knight

Last Wish by David Ting

Pregnant Minutes by Jessica L. Walls

Postcard from France (II) by Grace Galton

Wildflower Day by Amy Elizabeth Jackson

Revelations in Oxy by Lawrence Carr

Thong Moments by Lawrence Carr

Glistened Glee by Lorraine M. Kanter Moon to Her Lover by David Ting

Monday, Monday by Grace Galton

* Treacherous Trails Revisited by Lorraine M. Kanter

* Northerly Lights by Linda Balboni

Party Night by Eira Needham

Imaddonari (Sidewalk Chalk Art) by Jessica L. Walls

* The poems identified with an asterisk (*) were part of May’s Pandora’s Chaos challenge to the image found on Page 20 “Stairway”. Our writers were challenged to create a response to the image and incorporate one or more of the following phrases: ‘In the tower of reckoning, the ferns riddle’, ‘In the shelter of intellect, the moss whispers’, ‘In the chalice of conflation, the wardens brood’, and ‘In the histories of admission, the mists sip’.

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