July Joust 2004

No Trees in Eden by Ron Jones

Thackaray’s Inn, Parramatta , 1811 by John Macleod

Winging Words Afoot...at Avon by D. Ricketts & L. Carr

Aloha Hawaii by David Ting

The Cat and the Canary by Grace Galton

Reward by Alan McAlpine Douglas

From Thousand Kisses Sweet by Kevin Gorman

*Sunset’s Awakening by Linda Balboni

Skipping Rain by David Ting

Seeds of Life: Appleseed Grove by Lorraine M. Kanter

*Antandre’s Journey by Lucie Kavanagh

*Passionate Nature by Daniah Lababidi

Set Me Free by John L. Yelavich

The Family by Grace Galton

Coma by Susan Eckenrode

The One by Alan McAlpine Douglas

Half Asleep by Amy Elizabeth Jackson

Letter from Nowhere by Grace Galton

*The Other Side of Me by Lawrence Carr

Hearts Take Flight by Linda Balboni

Maidenhair by John Macleod

Survival by Eira Needham

Joy Rains Love in Peace by Daniel J. Ricketts

Monochrome Rainbows by Lorraine M. Kanter

Overdue by David Ting

Somber Skies by John L. Yelavich

Ballad of Mad Maddy McGee by Susan Eckenrode

*A Tree Like Me by Lorraine M. Kanter

* The tiles identified with an asterisk (*) were part of July’s Pandora’s Chaos challenge. Our writers were challenged to create a response as follows: Are you synonymous with your avatar? Here’s your chance to tell us what intrigues you about your MM avatar! You must incorporate these three words within your response, disingenuous, flatter and revealing AND you must write a PROSE piece or short story in 300 words or less.

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