Hued Horizons

Blissful Bonds:

A Special Bond

Dazzling Delilah

Delirious Dreams

Electric Love

Eyes of Blue

Flourishing Fusion

Passionate Pathways

Precious Gift

Shelter from the Storm

Velvet Rain

Idyllic Perceptions:

Aromatic Bouquet

Bubble Baths

Chromatic Colors

Dancing Droplets

December's Dreams

Disparate Souls

Hued Horizons

I Love My Life

Lost But Not Forgotten

Rainy Days

Sleepy Surprise

Sprinkle with Water

The Morning Shower

Water lilies



Bittersweet Shadows:

A Bitter Farewell

Between the Sheets




Lost in Time



Pastoral Panorama

The Black Hole

The Mask

Turmoil and Unrest

Visions and Dreams

Hued Horizons
Collection of Poetry by © John L. Yelavich

Words are a fulcrum from which dreams radiate themes that energize our souls. They provide a balanced relief from life’s gloomy challenges by building character and delineating our perspectives.

Life’s prospective plans sometimes appear in hazy signs and subsequently may become the genesis of scrupulous scripted lines. Self-realization dawns at the most peculiar of times as we seek the understanding in daydreams’ rousing chimes. Just as imagination can crystallize our visions, determination brings us closer to our goals.

As we weave our pathway through a mingle-mangle of blessed beginnings and mirthful memories we will be challenged to circumvent jaundiced junctures. These obstacles filter us with heartaches razing ravages and residual disconsolate debris. Don’t allow yourself to be dismayed by promises that may have strayed. Allow your starry spirits to soar because dreams are yours to explore.

Destiny’s driven design awaits your approving embrace; its awe-inspiring credence will unveil Hued Horizons.

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