Fate's Haven




Beacon of Light

Change of Address

Cold Thoughts Take Flight

Epicurean’s Delight

Every Four Years

Familiar Faces

Fate’s Destination

Fears Disappear

Game Over


Holiday Bills

Holiday Gifts

If I Reflect

I May Not Be



Keep Me in Your Prayers

Love’s Delusion

Love’s Streaming Themes

Mesmerizing Mystique

Mingo Park

Natural Disaster

Natural Reward

No Reply

Open Line of Credit

Overture at Night


Santa’s Soliloquy


Simpler Times Gone Awry


Taking Stock


Virtue’s Sunset


Welcome Signs

Wooden Heart

Fate's Haven
Collection of Poetry by © John L. Yelavich

Everyone is searching for a sure and safe passage, hoping that it will lead them to a fulfilling state of love, peace and happiness. Life is a highway, sometimes level and straight, other times it can meander, taking a sudden downward turn. Obstacles may lie in wait at the crest of the hill or around the bend.

Many of us were wayward travelers who attempted to circumvent perplexing predicaments by traveling along the quiet, barren back roads. The pace of our journey may have been slower, but potholes and speed bumps were still always lurking ahead. How we faced these challenges would be the framework for our developing character.

Too often, we invested too much time searching for clever metaphors to illuminate our journey. We hoped that we would find serenity’s cushioned clouds to protect us from fears, delusions, disappointment and unrequited love. It’s now our sole responsibility to pursue opportunities and take control of our destiny.

The mile markers along the freeway represented the stages of our evolution. In our adolescence, every fantasy was a glowing odyssey arising on golden fields. As young adults, we crystallized dreams into episodic chapters of multiple themes. In our middle years, family and career framed joyous memories we dutifully revered. Now the senior years are sobering, heralding momentary signs of cherished vignettes to pen our final chapters.

For many of us, we have found that evasive, quiescent clarity. We have experienced nature’s changing flavors: Spring, the season of promise; Summer, the season of growth; Autumn, the season of abundant harvest; and Winter, the season of faith. We now await Fate’s Haven.

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