Dream Hunters

A Sparkling Jewel

Beautiful Lies

Cherished Melodies

Choose to Believe


Cosmic Changes

Destiny’s Design

Devious and Deadly


Empty Spaces


Heavenly Bodies

Icy Teardrops


Last in Line

Lip-Smacking Delight

Literary Bondage



Magical Moments

Nature’s Diversion

New Identity

Night Visitor

No Fire Tonight

One Alluring Glance

On Second Thought

Passionate Souls

Refreshing Reprise

Rosebud Lips

Shakespeare’s Girl

Take Time

Treasure Chest, a.k.a. The Cigar Box


Veiled Lies

We Grieve En Masse

Welcome Mat

Woes Be Gone


Collection of Poetry by © John L. Yelavich

Although exhausting trials may divert our planned destinations, it is the beauty of life’s majesty we should rejoice and take time to ponder. It is a welcome mat framed by landscape’s humble vistas embracing a majestic sphere that will release us from a surreal strain of literary bondage.

We have been led to believe that men and women are different; cold and fiery like the moon and the sun. On second thought, we’re not as diverse as one would think. Despite our gender roles we espouse common goals of laughter, contentment and it’s sincere, heartfelt communication and affectionate embraces we most covet. We are heavenly bodies and kindred souls who celebrate life when love is blossoming and grieve en masse when devotion has wilted and our hearts have grown cold.

Sometimes we love with reckless abandon and seem to be lost and clueless about affairs of the heart. We choose to believe what we can only see with our eyes but oftentimes we’re fooled by beautiful, veiled lies. It may take only one alluring glance to become love-struck when our vacillating, empty spaces are filled with magical moments. When a lip-smacking delight arouses our essence with a new identify, we no longer feel like we’re last in line. This refreshing reprise illuminates our perspectives and sets our course to become passionate souls.

We dream about romantic, night visitors. Will they be a seductress like Shakespeare’s girl, the one with the rosebud lips or a gallant man with a treasure chest full of sparkling jewels?  Our romanticized fantasies are colored by cherished melodies: lyrical themes gracing destiny’s design.

There may be no fire tonight but tomorrow awakens a new frontier, endowing us to be enraptured Dream-Hunters.

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