Barefoot Ballet

Enraptured Sensations:

Barefoot Ballet

Cascading Tears

Cul De Sac D’Amour

Little Lady of Mine

Luminescent Moonlight

My Delectable Parfait

Preciously Near

Secret Sojourn

Soft and Gentle

Wet And Wild

Whirling Silhouette

Joyous Mélange:

Blueberry Pie

Breathless and Fried

Chilly Masquerade

Hunger and Thirst

My Medical ABC’s

Purple Passion

Rebecca Lane

Riverview Park

Splash from the Past

This Old Man

Cryptic Oddments:


A Lonely Man

Harmony of the Soul

Joyous Delights

Love’s Dissolution

Love Undone

Moving On

My Hollow House

Nocturnal Delusions


Stay the Course

Tortured Mind

Near to Thee

Barefoot Ballet

Collection of Poetry by © John L. Yelavich

Myriad opportunities to stimulate senses and broaden perspectives that lead to a tranquil state of love, peace and serenity.

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