August Artistry 2004

Possession by Susan Eckenrode

The Cathedral by Alan McAlpine Douglas

Sanctuary by David Ting

A Second Chance by John L. Yelavich

Bewildered by Carolenn Underwood

Beauty by the Sea by Daniel R. Barlow

Shades of Longevity by Linda Balboni

Zen and the Art of Bathroom Remodeling by David Ting

The Time of My Life by John Macleod

Winter’s Dream by Elaine R. Crump

Pooled Resources by Daniel J. Ricketts

Shrouded Echoes by Lawrence Carr

Hunter by Cailean Darkwater

Into Being by Tom Richardson

Voice of the Poet by Eric Linden

Curing My Fixation-Complex by Alan McAlpine Douglas

Wings of Prayer by David Ting

Star Ferry - Hong Kong by Grace Galton

*An Ode to ‘Hir Terth by Lorraine M. Kanter

*Lost by Jim Garman

Sunset by Carolenn Underwood

*The Search for the Golden Boomerang by John Macleod

Midsummer Bonfire Night by Lucie Kavanagh

I’m Too Old to Feel This Young by Ron Jones

Hazy, Hot and Humid by John L. Yelavich

The Half-light Paints a Twilight by Daniel R. Barlow

*Conquer by Lawrence Carr

Raining in the Sunshine by Jessica Walls

Awakening by Susan Eckenrode

Take His Word for It... by Daniel J. Ricketts

* The tiles identified with an asterisk (*) were part of August’s Pandora’s Chaos challenge. Our writers were challenged to create a response as follows: An image challenge (p. 31) to our own MM postcard: “Wayward Paths”. Incorporate one of three phrases: In the chalice of providence the veins shatter, In the circus of scrutiny the crickets watch, In the hovel of paradox the ferns gaze, in your response.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our chapbook: Tiles from the Mosaic - August Artistry, 2004. Look for continued editions in the future! As we say on our website, “Let your imagination soar! May we initiate your intellection by expression today?” To read more diversified pieces written by our talented members, or to become a part of our growing website, please visit us again at: