Syntax&Musings Book2

Stream is Here ! by Agatha Lai

Soul’s Waters by Cailean Darkwater

One Hundred Feet by Emerson “Butch” Sollars

Dudley’s Deed by Lorraine M Kanter

Scrumping by Grace Galton

Special by Lucie Kavanagh

Cyclical Perpetuality by Maxine Brockton

The Blanket by Nina Simon

UGH? by Perry Gretton

Her Name was Mrs. Hong by Daniah Lababidi

The Reluctant Poet by Fran Martel

Collections of short stories offered by members of our forum board, where writing, critique and interaction take place. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our chapbook: Syntax & Musings, Summer 2005 - Book Two: Prose. Look for Book One: Poetry in our store!

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