Syntax&Musings Book1

Tsunami Run by Agatha Lai

The Cathedral by Alan McAlpine Douglas

Stargazer by Elizabeth DiBenedetto

Bitterly Sweet by Linda Balboni

The Apex by John MacLeod

My Pink Things by Michael Agius

A Welcomed Spring by Amy Elizabeth Jackson

Mima Mounds by Stephen J. Harris

Shadows and Light by Emerson Sollars

A Sculpture True by Lorraine M Kanter

Olympic Fountain by Grace Galton

Belaying Splices by D.E. Holmes

Lover’s Locket by Eira Needham

Midsummer Bonfire Night by Lucie Kavanagh

She by Susan Eckenrode

Sailor by James Mills

A Poet Knows by Ron Jones

A Second Chance by John L. Yelavich

A Literary Luncheon by Fran Martel

The Six-Pack:UK Pub Meeting by Alan McAlpine Douglas

The Swindon Six by Nina Simon

A Good Day for a Hunt by John Kearney

Life & Death in a Pub with No Name by Pel Farrant

Voice in the Dark by Daniel J. Ricketts

The Door by Elaine R. Crump

Midnight Odyssey by Cathy Bollhoefer

Voice of the Poet by Eric Linden

Through the Mists by Chris Nixon

Wishes for Danielle by Beth Ruef

Death Can Strike Twice by Nina Simon

Sunday Morning Solitude by Janet T. Leonard

Big Brother by Laura Knight

Mother Nature’s Little Helper by Perry Gretton

Patagonia Lost by Sylvia Maclagan

Divine Malformation by Daniah Lababidi

Asylum by Fran Martel

Shrouded Echoes by Lawrence Carr

Collections of poetry offered by members of our forum board, where writing, critique and interaction take place. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our chapbook: Syntax & Musings, Summer 2005 - Book One: Poetry. Look for Book Two: Prose in our store!

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