Patagonia Lost, Book II

Earthshadows - Part III :

The Goatherd

Patagonian Child

Lakes of the Dead

Summer Gallows



To the Great Man of Lago Moreno


Four Winds

Love of Two Rivers

Warriors for Earth

Hymn for Equality


A Poet’s Journal - Part IV:

Nahuel Huapi

Treukel Wekuvu

Picnic by Limay

Old Ferry at Choele-Choel

Thoughts on a Ferry Boat

End of the Journey

The Patron



Glossary of Terms

Patagonia Lost
Collection of Poetry by © Sylvia Maclagan

About the Author

Sylvia Maclagan was raised in Patagonia, Argentina, on an apple farm not far from the town of Cipolletti, in the Valley of Río Negro. She has degrees in Journalism, Counselling and Philosophy. Sylvia works as a freelance translator, journalist and writer, but in 1999 became interested in poetry as well. Her Spanish poems and articles are published in Buenos Aires by Heráclito and Siglo XXI - Arts and Philosophy journals - and in La Nación Online, Ediciones Mis Escritos and Raíz Alternativa.

Sylvia then turned to writing in English. Her work has figured in numerous British and American poetry magazines (Peace & Freedom, Earth Love, Eastern Rainbow, Buzzwords, Poetry Sharing Journal, Mosaic Musings Publications, The New Cauldron, Ormskirk Writers’ & Literary Club, Hilton House Publishers, etc.) , most especially in those related to environmental issues. She has won many prizes and commendations in recent years.

“Patagonia Lost” is the first published anthology of her creative work dedicated exclusively to the region where she was brought up.

Publication of this collection was awarded to Sylvia for having placed 2nd five times and 3rd two times in the Mosaic Musings chapbook competition, “Odin’s Opposition”.

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